Life on mars

Is there life on Mars?
That is what even David Bowie used to ask in one of his most famous songs. Barry Di Gregorio, researcher at the University of Buckingham, is ready to bet that the fossil tracks on rocks and sediments on the surface of the Red Planet belong to animals. Di Gregorio has claimed that since 1990s, when he started his studies on the photos shot by the first exploratory missions held on Mars at the end of 1970s (Viking 1 and Viking 2).

NASA and the other space agencies, though, are still cautious: the truth is that we may not be sure about life on Mars today, but there is a good chance the planet was home to life forms in the past, when the atmosphere was similar to our Planet's and higher temperatures made it possible to have liquid water.

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Zodiac signs

"Stars may influence, but they do not force" St. Thomas Aquinas used to say, underlining that human fate is bond to free will and astral influences. This believing is due to the fact that for centuries astrology has been considered a science able to define the personality and the future of people.

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Space travelling

It was 1985 and the Italian singer Franco Battiato sang "Via Lattea" to tell the dreamy travel of young people to the center of the Universe.

We woke up at dawn
ready for transshipment
onto an artificial satellite
that rapidly led us
to the doors of Sirius
where an experimental crew
was getting ready
for a long journey.

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Stars and fiction

Dear hearers, according to certain narrow minds -- that is the best qualification for them -- humanity [...] is condemned to vegetate upon this globe without ever flying towards
the planetary shores! Nothing of the kind! We are going to the moon, we shall go to the planets, we shall go to the stars as we now go from Liverpool to New York, easily, rapidly, surely, and the atmospheric ocean
will be as soon crossed as the oceans of the earth! Distance is only a relative term, and will end
by being reduced to zero.

Jules Verne
Form the Earth to the Moon

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