La Carrie


The history of La Carrie is rich in tradition, creativity and a touch of glam. These values led the brand to become point of reference for all those young consumers in search for originality in fashion. In 1995, thanks to his entrepreneurial mind Nazzareno Amatori established Bigfoot in Castel Bolognese (Province of Ravenna - Italy). There, in the Romagna inland the company grew strong and inspired by the wind of the Italian high fashion and the deep-rooted tradition of refined craftsmanship. So, Bigfoot started its manufacture of shoes and accessories working on behalf of the big names of fashion, while nurturing among the ranks of the company that rebel spirit that would have allowed the creation of a brand and an icon.


In 2014 the new generation of Amatori family put into practice the dream of giving life to a brand able to represent the new consumers and embody their values. Paola, the company's executive officer, and Francesco, eclectic designer, founded La Carrie to tell, with a modern and authentic voice, a story made of willpower, independence, beauty and a pinch of craziness, which are the fundamental characteristics of those women who choose the brand's bags everyday.


La Carrie is about bright and fun femininity: it is dedicated to women who do not act pretentiously and avoid the femme fatal stereotype to embrace the unbearable freedom of city life. The brand, indeed, is named after one of the most iconic characters of the contemporary POP culture: Carrie Bradshow, protagonist of the TV series "Sex and the City". Just like her, the La Carrie lovers are eternal searchers of fashion trends, mix up their clothes to create unpredictable outfits and live passionately in an environment continuously animated by creative inspirations.


La Carrie stands for bucket bags. Since the very beginning, the brand bet on that peculiar shape and made it its reference model and real emblem. With time, it became a case history in its market segment, since the binomial La Carrie-Bucket bag resulted to be indissoluble and essential. Today, years from the first collection, buckets are still the best selling models. This confirms the ability of La Carrie to create a consistent and effective identity and an ideal purchase experience for consumers.


La Carrie bags are successfully distributed all over the Italian territory by a widespread retail network that includes wholesales stores in the premium and entry-to-luxury segment. Since the last season, the brand is strengthening its penetration into the European market through sales representatives that oversee the main countries of the Mediterranean area and Northern Europe.


The latest years have been marked by a continuous growth in terms of product diffusion and market penetration: as a further proof of the solid relationships established with clients and the increasing appeal of the brand to final consumers, it reports records in sales every season, with a constant double figure growth rate.


La Carrie is a brand and a product with a great visual impact. This means that, to assert that identity, it needs investment in communications. That is the reason why the company has always studied and reinvented its look every season, aiming at building a universally recognized originality, while riding and shaping the ultimate trends. The commitment to research gives birth to a coherent image that is, consequently, spread though all the media: from magazine campaign to in-store tools and web communication. Exactly this last communication branch is key in the everyday challenges that the creative team has to face to diffuse La Carrie brand and storytelling with social and influencer marketing strategies.