Accepted payment methods: credit cards (MASTERCARD, VISA, VISA ELECTRON, AMEX, DINERS), PayPal and money transfer. The payment procedure is provided via secure connection by the bank appointed to manage the online payment service and data are SSL encrypted for transmission. The SSL protocol grants a safe transmission of data preventing decoding and counterfeiting of confidential information.


Your personal data will be exclusively collected by BIGFOOT. Remember: you are accountable for the entered data, thus you are expected to use credit cards lawfully at your disposal. Credit card payments might be declined for the following reasons:

  • expired credit card
  • credit limit exceeded: contact your bank to verify the ceiling established for online purchases
  • data entry mistakes: verify if you have entered your information correctly.


PayPal is a digital wallet that facilitates payments and money transfer via internet. In order to use PayPal you have to be registered in the official website: registration is easy and free. You can recharge your PayPal account with money transfer from your bank account, or linking a credit card, debit card or bank account. For further information on this payment method, please visit PayPal website. If you have a credit card linked to PayPal, the system will provide a personal code to be entered for automatic log-in to the payment procedure. Your information will be exclusively collected by BIGFOOT and transmitted encrypted to PayPal for electronic storage. PayPal will record and process the before mentioned data autonomously, in compliance with the highest safety standards and uniquely to complete your purchase on the our website You can disable the token (credit card data saving) at any time through PayPal, or typing “Automatic Payment” in your PayPal Account (you will be redirected to the instructions for disabling the automatic payments).


If you want to pay via money transfer, you will be provided the banking details once your order will be completed and you will have selected Money Transfer as payment method. The mentioned condition is applicable to the Italian territory, Republic of San Marino, Livigno and Holy See.


The reference currency is Euro (EUR).